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Live a Life That's Worth Remembering | taught by Chris Albert
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Chris  Albert
Chris Albert
Co-Founder of Warrior Business

About the instructor

Chris is a US Marine Corps Veteran, former Social Scientist, and World Wide Fitness Trainer. He is a Co-Founder of Metroflex Gym, Long Beach and the Founder of the Warrior Soul Agoge. After a massive financial disaster, Chris went on to build a six-figure fitness coaching business and media platform. He's also coached hundreds of people from around the world in entrepreneurship through Warrior Business and as Lead Instructor of the London Real Academy.

Who We Are and What We Do

The Warrior's Obituary Society empowers men to live their best lives by remembering that someday, they will die. 

Our goal is to get each of our members to live a life that is worthy of an epic obituary. 

Each member begins his membership initiation process with our development roadmap. 

Our Development Program

This eight-week journey is meant to prepare you physically, mentally, and spiritually for the quest ahead. 

In this time, you will: 

  • outline your vision
  • set your commitments
  • undertake a rigorous physical training program
  • learn how to gain control of your wealth
  • prepare yourself for new leadership opportunities
  • learn how to increase your impact 
  • align your goals with your spirit
  • enhance your relationships
  • develop solid personal management habits

The Brotherhood

Once you complete this roadmap, you will take your seat within the Society and the quest will continue. 

As a member of the Society, you will be held accountable to the other members for reaching benchmarks that lead to your goals.

You will participate in weekly meetings where you will report your progress in each area of your life, and you will receive guidance from the other members on improving your weak points. 

Additionally, you will gain the opportunity to lead your own discussions and hip pocket classes to help other members. 

From the start, you will be assigned an accountability partner who will be your companion on this journey. 

Groupwise, our goal is to create an elite group of men who are not just dedicated to their own achievements, but who are committed leaders seeking to improve society on all levels. 

The following operations order outlines our mission and what we offer our members. 

Operations Order

The Warrior Obituary Society empowers men to live lives worthy of an absolutely epic obituary. 

We do this by arming them with tools, tactics, ideas, and strategies that will help them to become healthier, wealthier, and happier by making them stronger, smarter, and more resilient. 

It consists of an 8-week development program, followed by lifetime membership in a society of brothers who will support them, guide them, and be there with them through the tough times. 

  • Situation - men in our society, and particularly men in the US Military Veteran Community, are more prone to depression, early terminal illness, suicide, homelessness, alcoholism, drug abuse, gambling problems, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Above all, they are not living out their life’s purpose, and society-wide, we are seeing a decline in positive values. We believe that to save this country, we need to empower Veterans and men of the solid constitution to increase their impact, take greater leadership roles, and live amazing lives that serve as examples to others. 

  • Enemy Forces: Our enemy is the most dangerous kind. It goes by many names but can be best described as a shadow. It follows us wherever we go, both in our minds and in its physical forms. It can take the form of a thought or a nightmare, or it can take the form of false comfort and complacency. It is the fear inside of us that holds us back from truly living, the sloth inside of us that wants to keep us where we are, and the external forces we give control to that turn us into men we never wanted to become. When attacked with sustained discipline and hard work it will go away. But it’s most dangerous aspect is that it can reappear in another form when we least expect it. Typically this will happen when we are about to do something big to move our lives forward. For this reason, the only way to effectively fight this enemy is with a lifetime of vigilance. 

  • Friendly Forces: The Warrior Obituary Society is a brotherhood with the mission of providing its members with tools, tactics, ideas, strategies, and human support to help its members to become stronger, smarter, and more resilient human beings. It includes the following support:

    • 8 Week Development Program that focuses on improving fitness, personal finance, relationships, career, and business. 

    • Society Membership - upon completion of the 8-week development program, each brother is inducted as a full member of The Society, where they will then take up leadership positions in developing other brothers. 

    • Monthly Assignments - once the development program is completed all brothers will continue to get monthly assignments meant to move them forward toward their goals.

    • Weekly Challenges - meant to take you out of your comfort zone

    • Weekly Live Calls - to guide you through the assignments and challenges you face.

    • Slack Support Channel - our own private chat outside of the confines of social media. 

  • Mission 

    • Upon formation, the Warrior’s Obituary Society will work to empower men to work toward living lives worthy of absolutely epic obituaries as an international brotherhood that provides tools, tactics, strategies, ideas, and support to make its brothers stronger, smarter, and more resilient. 

  • Execution

    • Intent: To turn this brotherhood into a powerful international movement consisting of Veterans and like minded men who are positively shaping society through family, community, professional, and business leadership. 

  • Scheme of Maneuver: Starting in September, we will begin by putting our initial members through an 8-week development program. This program will focus on getting all brothers to:

    • Outline their life’s vision

    • Make commitments to that vision

    • Undertake a rigorous physical training program

    • Learn how to gain control of their wealth

    • Prepare themselves for new leadership opportunities

    • Learn how to increase their impact 

    • Align their goals with their spirit

    • Enhance your relationships

    • Develop solid personal management habits

  • Upon completion of that development program, all members will be inducted as full brothers in the Warrior’s Obituary Society, where it will take the form of an Inner Circle. We will continue with weekly challenges and monthly assignments meant to improve health, wealth, and happiness. Some brothers will also be asked to participate in developing and mentoring new members as the Society grows. 

  • Fire Support Plan - men of action lead busy lives. Jobs and family obligations will always take precedent over all WOS activities. With that being said, we will take every step necessary to make all materials and calls as widely available as possible to all members.

    • We are using SLACK rather than Facebook as our main social hub for several reasons. First, it’s far less distracting. Second, it’s private and encrypted. We will also be using a Voxer channel. Voxer is an encrypted voice app that operates like a walkie-talkie. It is available internationally and will be used as a line of communications to any brothers deployed overseas. 

    • The course up, including the 8-week development program, will be made available to all brothers throughout their terms as members of WOS. 

    • All live calls will be recorded to the cloud and provided on the SLACK channel for those who could not attend live. 

    • All brothers will be paired up with a battle buddy. This relationship is meant to provide extra accountability and peer-to-peer mentorship throughout the brotherhood. Should a battle buddy no longer be available, the active member will be assigned a new one. 

  • Tasks

    • Come to terms with who you are now: the good, the bad, and the ugly

    • Determine who you want to be by outlining your vision

    • Develop solid personal management habits

    • Begin a rigorous physical training program

    • Gain control of personal finances and instill financial discipline

    • Develop and apply new leadership skills and seek leadership opportunities

    • Increase your impact in your industry and area of influence

    • Identify processes to get to your goals and raise the standard

    • Put work into improving your relationships and develop new relationships with people who will help you get to your goals

    • Improve other brothers and constantly seek self-improvement

  • Administration

    • Costs: The fee for all members will be $39.97 per month. This includes everything outlined above. There are no startup fees (besides the initial monthly fee) and no cost tiers (no “VIP” level). All members are on equal footing. Funds will go to support operations and promotion. 

  • No Contracts: There are no contracts, and brothers may drop from the membership at any time. Brothers may also leave for a time and be reinstated, especially for cases of deployment in military service. 

  • Logistics: Live calls will be held each Friday evening at 1800 PST and will last approximately 1 hour. They will be held on ZOOM video conference and access is available either via internet link or dial-in. On the first call of each month, we will be reviewing each present member’s progress and offering strategies to move forward. As the Society grows, we will be separating these monthly “Progress” calls into teams. Recordings of every call will be made available for those who could not attend. 

  • Kickoff - Our initial kickoff call will be held on Friday, September 20 at 1800 PST. 

  • Pre-start - Chris will be setting up initial interview calls with all new members to gain feedback on where they are now and where they want to go. 

  • Command and Signal

    • Command

      • This program is run through the Warrior Soul Agoge in conjunction with The Warrior Soul Podcast. Chris Albert is its administrator. Orders of succession will be delivered as the Society grows and develops bylaws via the votes of its brothers. 

  • Signal

    • Modules will be delivered via our online course platform. 

    • New modules will be delivered each week

    • Passwords and access to our Slack and Voxer platforms will be delivered after signup.

Course Contents

35 Videos
2 Surveys
26 Texts

Course Curriculum

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