The Product Engineering Workshop

The Product Engineering Workshop

Productize Your Knowledge | taught by Chris Albert
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Chris  Albert
Chris Albert
Co-Founder of Warrior Business

About the instructor

Chris is a US Marine Corps Veteran, former Social Scientist, and World Wide Fitness Trainer. He is a Co-Founder of Metroflex Gym, Long Beach and the Founder of the Warrior Soul Agoge. After a massive financial disaster, Chris went on to build a six-figure fitness coaching business and media platform. He's also coached hundreds of people from around the world in entrepreneurship through Warrior Business and as Lead Instructor of the London Real Academy.

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Course Contents

8 Videos

Course Curriculum

Bonus: The Step-By-Step High Ticket Product Funnel Building Checklist
Bonus: Kill the Victim - Making the Mental You Need Shifts to Move Your Life and Business Forward