The Warrior Soul Agoge: A Community for Optimal Performance

The Warrior Soul Agoge: A Community for Optimal Performance

taught by Chris Albert
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Chris Albert
Chris Albert

About the Instructor

Chris Albert is a coach, trainer, entrepreneur, US Marine Corps Veteran, and host of the Warrior Soul Podcast. 

Chris entered the business world with little to no experience or training, and he failed badly. 

After losing his first business, his marriage, and his home, Chris realized he had a choice to make in life. He could play the victim and hope that the world would take pity on him. Or he could put his focus on becoming a better and stronger version of himself. 

He built his online training business into a worldwide company where he personally coached professional athletes, members of royalty, and hundreds of everyday people. 

From there, he put his focus onto building Warrior Soul, a lifestyle media company for US Military Veterans. Rather than focusing on Veteran suicide prevention, Chris put his focus on helping all Veterans to truly live. His media platforms deliver tools, tactics, and actionable strategies to help his readers and listeners to build better and stronger versions of themselves. 

In 2015, Chris's good friend Brian Rose of London Real asked him to become the Lead Instructor of the London Real Academy.  In his three years at London Real, Chris has helped hundreds of students from around the world start their own businesses and media platforms. It's here where he learned what works in online business and a whole lot about what doesn't work. 

He believes that the biggest secret to success and happiness in life is failing the right way. Chris developed the Warrior Business Advanced because he believes that good business makes the world a better place, and to get people to focus on doing business rather than chasing funnel tactics. 

Our Inner Circle is a unique opportunity to gain the benefits of a trainer without the expense of one on one training. This is where we move the theory and techniques that we promote in our courses into practice.

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  • Access to Our Private Facebook Group for personal mentorship

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